WINDnovation Turbines is the expert for the development of small and medium sized wind turbines — and in particular for market entrants.

For companies that are about to build their very first turbine, we are the starting point. From the first idea to com­mis­sioning of the turbine, WINDnovation Turbines guides its customers through all project stages.

Wind Turbine Design

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We are the experts for the development of small and medium sized wind turbines for market entrants. From the first idea to commissioning of the turbine, we guide our customers through all project stages.

Concept Design

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The first step in a successful wind turbine design is the definition of a concept that fits to the requirements of the intended markets. Key parameters are to deliver high energy output at reasonable cost and to comply with supply chain possibilities and infrastructure restrictions. The WINDnovation team carefully analyses its customers’ demands and develops a turbine concept that matches these requirements. In close cooperation with the customer, the turbine is detailed in later design stages certification-ready.

Controller Design

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The wind turbine controller determines the complete operational behavior of the turbine. WINDnovation puts high efforts on defining well-tuned operating procedures and to implement them into the wind turbine controller. Such controller optimization will minimize the loads and maximize the turbine performance and is closely linked to the system integration process.

Component Design and System Integration

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A successful wind turbine requires a careful design of all major turbine components and their integration into the turbine system to make them work together most efficiently. Our engineers carefully balance the partly conflicting design targets to ensure a purposeful interaction of all components. The system integration process has to be started in an as-early-as-possible stage of the development to ensure a cost and time efficient design process. WINDnovation uses state-of-the-art analysis tools for design and integration of these components into a cost efficient wind turbine.

The WINDhawcs

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The WINDhawcs are wind turbines developed by WINDnovation that closely match the requirements of emerging markets. Simple design and easy manufacture allow a big amount of localization for production of the turbines. The operational concept aims for low maintenance and low Cost-of-Energy. WINDhawcs are available for 200kW, 500kW and 1000kW rated power. Documentation of the WINDhawcs is delivered certification-ready. We support the manufacturing start-up in our customers’ workshops.