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WINDnovation Services

Get an overview of our key rotor blade services: Rotor Blade Design, Structural Design, Aerodynamics, Geometry, Load Calculations and Technology Transfer. Meet our WINDblade family, the perfectly balanced blade series ready to order.
Rotor Blade Services
Discover our wind turbine services, specially oriented for new market entrants and get to know more about Wind Turbine Design, Concept Design, Controller Design, Component Design, System Integration and as well about our WINDhawcs, the license-ready WINDnovation turbine.
Wind Turbine Services
Our team has a strong background in Composite Engineering. Composite design and calculations are at the heart of our work. That’s why we offer composite design for several industries such as aeronautics, maritime, railway and automotive.
By sharing our broad experiences we are supporting you to achieve the best. We advise you on topics such as site analysis, suitability of specific technologies, operation and service of wind turbines and rotor blades.
Our research expertise centers on future materials, particularly in innovating design concepts for next-gen rotor blades, implementing advanced verification methods, and developing precision tools for analysis and optimization.

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