WINDnovation Engineering Solutions GmbH is the world’s leading designer of rotor blades for wind turbines. Since 2007 we have developed more than 100 rotor blades for all terrains in more than 400 projects for more than 100 customer in over 25 countries — more than any other company in this industry.

Below you can find our core services and developments.

Rotor Blade Design

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The rotor blades catch the wind to be transformed to electrical energy. Their aerodynamic efficiency is one of the key parameters for a well-working wind turbine. Based on airfoils developed at TU Delft, the WINDnovation blades show high performance, reasonable loads and smooth operational behavior.

The structural design of the rotor blade provides the required mechanical properties (stiffness, flexibility, deflection, natural frequencies, operational characteristics) with minimum material input.

A balanced rotor blade design is always a trade-off between aerodynamics, loads and structural demands. Our engineers deep knowledge and understanding of all design disciplines lead to optimized rotor blade designs well adapted to the requirements of the customers.

Load Calculations

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Calculating the loads of all its major components is one of the core tasks in the design process of a wind turbine. In combination with the controller design, the load calculation is highly iterative and complex. Based on the rules and regulations selected, all possible situations that can occur during the lifetime of a wind turbine are simulated and the results are carefully evaluated. These results are documented certification-ready.

Technology Transfer

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WINDnovation engineers have a sound knowledge not only in desktop jobs but also know what to do in order to transfer their engineering jobs into reality. A production start-up for rotor blades can be supported on-site from factory planning to supervision of manufacture and testing of prototypes. WINDnovation engineers worked successfully on such projects in the Netherlands, in Canada and the USA as well as in Korea, India, Brazil and China.

The WINDblades

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The WINDblades are a family of rotor blades matching the demands of all major markets. The carefully adjusted balance between performance and loads makes the WINDblades an efficient rotor solution for most pitch controlled wind turbines. The aerodynamic design of our rotor blades is based on recent airfoil developments of TU Delft. WINDnovation integrates those airfoils into blades with excellent performance and smooth operational behaviour. The structural design and the selection of the materials enable rotor blade manufacturers worldwide to successfully produce the WINDblades. Our team for technology transfer provides comprehensive and efficient support to the start-up of rotor blade manufacture.