Benefits of LoadSystem

Comprehensive Component Monitoring

With minimal hardware, our LoadSystem captures crucial data throughout its operational life, ensuring reliable insights into all essential incidents.

Autonomous Operation

Independence from turbine controls and power supply guarantees uninterrupted load monitoring, especially considering typical wind turbine maintenance intervals.

  • Budget friendly
  • Flexible architecture
  • Embedded intelligence

> Simple load measurement <
Autonomous measurement for damage assessment with strain gauges.

< Universally Compatible <
Quick and easy installation into all rotor blades, independent of material orgeometry, OEM and size (generic design), lightweight design, low energy consumption.

< Continuous Load Recording <
Similar to flight recorder, data is acquired, filtered, classified and stored inside, optional data synchronization.

< Load Verification <
Improved negotiating position in case of damage from turbine overloading, statistical analysis of usage and additional time series. Real load evaluation and comparability to assumptions during the design process.

< Life Time Extension <
Life time and fatigue evaluation, rainflow algorithms for real loads and fatigue determination, statistical analysis of usage and additional life time of your blades.

< Intelligent Sensor Setup <
Strain measurements, centralized data synchronization, inclination and acceleration sensors ensure precise blade position tracking.

Benefits of Integrated Monitoring

  • Early damage detection and better service and maintenance
  • Utilizing measured data for life time estimation
  • Continuous monitoring to avoid unexpected Downtime
  • Record operational loads for extended lifetime
  • Localized measurements within composite
  • Structure for enhanced future designs

This Monitoring System is budget friendly, has a modular architecture and with an embedded all horizontal wind turbines.