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  • Technical due diligence analysis
  • Studies regarding the suitability of specific technologies under specific requirements like location, technical and other demands

  • Operation and service of wind turbines, especially rotor blades

  • Root cause analysis in case of failures of rotor blades in operation

  • Load calculations for lifetime extension

Internal Research and Cooperations with International Partners

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  • Application scope of future materials
  • Development of methods to optimize the next generation of rotor blades
  • Design concepts for next generation rotor blades

Our Consulting Service

Handling Serial Damage

• Addressing serial damage issues is crucial to the operation of your wind turbines. Our experts offer solutions and  provide risk mitigation strategies.

Blade Enhancements

• Enhance the performance of your blades with our expert advice. From lightning protection to performance improvements, we optimize blade designs for maximum efficiency.

Repair Strategies and Workshops

• We streamline repair processes and minimize downtime with our precise repair instructions and workshops. We ensure efficient and reliable repairs for your system.

Our Engineering Solutions

Our state-of-the-art engineering services optimize the performance and reliability of your wind farms Our services offer detailed RCA for Serial Defects, analysis of damage, CAPA strategies, blade redesign, blade health monitoring, special structural analyses, and repair specifications.

Data-Driven Solutions

• We understand the importance of data in optimizing wind farm performance. Share turbine-blade pairings, operating data, repair history, and wind conditions measurement data with us for tailored solutions.


• We explore Blade Serial Defects with our thorough Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for reliable performance. Develop Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) plans to prevent future issues. Enhance efficiency of your systems.

Severity Analysis of Serial Damage

• Our specialist engineers analyze the severity of serial damage under various operating conditions.

Retrofit Solutions

• Serial damage with comprehensive CAPA strategies and retrofit solutions.

• For damaged components or obsolete blade models, we offer complete blade redesign

Blade Redesign and Compatibility Check

• For damaged components or obsolete blade models, we offer complete blade redesign.

Blade Health Monitoring

•Our advanced monitoring system provides real-time data for lifetime estimation. We detect blade loads and prevent costly damages.