WINDnovation LoadSystem

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In order to detect damage at an early stage and keep the economic consequences low, it is necessary to use suitable sensor technology. This must, of course, withstand the demanding environmental conditions and itself have a high availability.

Ensure Longevity of your rotor blades, Efficiency, and Safety with Loadbox!

Key Features:

  • Provides Key Metrics for (Remaining) Service Life Estimation
  • Resilient to Environmental Factors (Temperature, Dust, Impact, etc.)
  • Effortless Installation and Retrofitting
  • Lightweight Design (< 2kg)
  • Tamper-Proof for Enhanced Security
  • Budget-Friendly

Why Choose LOADBOX?

  • Comprehensive Component Monitoring: With minimal hardware, our Loadbox captures crucial data throughout its operational life, ensuring reliable insights into all essential phenomena.
  • Autonomous Operation: Independence from turbine controls and power supply guarantees uninterrupted load monitoring, especially considering typical wind turbine maintenance intervals.

Benefits of Integrated Component Monitoring:

  • Early Damage Detection and Better Planning for Repairs
  • Utilizing Measured Data for Life Expectancy Estimates
  • Continuous Monitoring for Continued Operation, Avoiding Energy Production Downtime
  • Record Operational Loads for Potential Extended Usage
  • Localized Measurements within Composite Structure for Precise Component and Blade Prototype Testing. Insights can be used to enhance future designs through detailed simulation models.

Advanced Features:

  • Centralized Data Sync (Centerbox): Daily Sync with Customer or Windnovation Server – GSM transmittion for seamless coordination.
  • Integrated Sensors: Inclination and Acceleration Sensors ensure precise blade position tracking.
  • Load Verification (Envelope Curve): Statistical analysis of usage and additional time series (after Capture-Matrix).
  • Universally Compatible: Easy Integration into Rotor Blades – Independent of Material or Geometry (Generic Design).