Design Your Blade

Design Your Blade

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18.0 MW
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0.0 m
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Low Loads High Performance

Blade Finder Help

This is how you set the blade preferences:

  • Rated Power: Adjust the slider to your intended rated power of the wind turbine (input in Mega-Watt)
  • Design Wind Class: Make your choice for the wind class. The wind class indirectly defines the rotor size (lower wind class = larger rotor). Typical values are stored as default in the system. If you choose the wind class “S” you can additionally define the rotor loading in Watt per square meter of rotor swept area. Lower rotor loading = large rotor, higher rotor loading = smaller rotor)

Click on » More Options to find additional parameters to choose from. Adjustments have a direct influence on the calculation of our preliminary design proposal.

  • Blade length: You can modify the (automatically calculated value of the blade designer for the) blade length according to your project
  • Average Wind Speed: You can set the slider to the average wind speed of your site
  • Design Preference: You can balance between Low Loads and High Energy Yield according to your design preference. Selecting Low Loads will result in a lower blade mass and a lower energy yield. Selecting high energy yield will result in a higher blade mass a higher energy yield.
  • Materials: Make a choice for your preferred material setting.


Our Initial Design Proposal gives you a first idea about the blade properties:

  1. The blade length is calculated from your selected rated power and rotor loading
  2. The blade mass is derived using a simplified analytical approach based on our data base
  3. The suggestion for the BCD is based on the load level to be expected but does not consider typical industry standards
  4. The annual energy yield is a rough estimate of the energy yield to be expected based on the data given


Send Project Request: A form will open where you can send the project data to us. We will take care of your project request as soon as possible. An additional email with the data will be send to your email account.

Show Blades From Blade Catalog: You will be directed to the corresponding blades from our blade catalog which come close to your request. Here you can choose blades via the box to the right of each blade. With the chosen blades you can send us a project request. An additional email with the blade data will be send to your email account.

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Thank you [name], we will get back to you soon.